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The Protectors Cover for Chapter 1.jpeg

The Protectors

A bloody war and a will to protect!  The Protectors swore to defend the weak across the galaxy and now they face their biggest challenge:  the evil Zento empire that plans to destroy them from within.  War, betrayal, boundless ambition and life's to defend... Everything begins here.


Kyle Stabinski grew up in Garnet Valley Pennsylvania. Loving movies like Star Wars and Avatar: The Last Airbender that inspired him to start his on writing journey. With that new in-awe inspiration, Kyle came up with the idea of the Protectors. After fleshing out the worlds and characters, Kyle went on a four year journey writing many scripts, after finally finding one he liked. Kyle then started to transition into making a comic for the story/stories that needED to be told to the world. To show people what a Protector truly means to be.

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