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The Protectors

A bloody war and a will to protect!  The Protectors swore to defend the weak across the galaxy and now they face their biggest challenge:  the evil Zento empire that plans to destroy them from within.  War, betrayal, boundless ambition and life's to defend... Everything begins here. Don't wait, Be the first to read this new comic!

Heading 5

The Protectors came to me in a dream I had. As I played around with the idea it just started to come together. After 4 years of work here's what I came up with. The Protectors is not just about one people or one race but about everyone, no matter their culture or background. The group started out as a group of vikings but as they expanded throughout the galaxy helping other planets free themselves from the enslavers and corrupt people, those now freed people decided to join the Protectors to do the same for others. No matter who the slavers are or who decides to try and corrupt and disillusion the people so that they fight against each other and not against the real enemy. The Protectors only care about one thing and that is those who choose to fight for the innocent and for the good of the world. No matter your beliefs, culture or your background. All that matters is that they stand together side by side. Brother and sister, who swore to protect others from danger. They are and always will be your Protectors.

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